P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"
P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"
P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"
P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"
P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"

P.O.E.T. Throw: "Plenty Of Everything"

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Provided for leisure and goodtrips.

If you ever find yourself in need of a breather,
I hope you’ll do so on this here blanket. Weaved together thread by thread to lay down the softest foundation for your musings and cover you with comfort.

This is a Limited Edition Item. Each blanket comes with a specialized label, which includes care instructions and a QR Code that leads you to a secret playlist. A companion soundscape curated especially & only for the P.O.E.T. Throw. An experience made with you in mind.


Jacquard Woven Throw
Hand Finished
Raw Edges

60” W x 50” L
100% Cotton
Made in USA



For all garments not embellished with special printing or unique dyes, please hand or machine wash delicately in cold water, inside out, and line dry. When line / hang drying, we recommend doing so from the shoulder seams as hanging from the neck lining may permanently stretch out the collar.

Do not iron on print. Do not bleach. 

If you would prefer to *only* dry clean your PLETHORA garments, that is an option as well.

Puff Print / High Density
Cracking on Puff Print and High Density Printing is natural, and will be seen on any item that features it. If you prefer the puff or high density print to remain intact through the life cycle of the garment, it is suggested that any of your PLETHORA garments with this embellishment be dry cleaned only. 

Hand Dyed Garments
For naturally hand dyed garments such as our tie dyed ombré knit crew socks, hand wash in cold water. Use delicate detergent (baking soda might alter color). Air dry only. Prevent severe sun exposure when storing.

Hats / Headwear
For any headwear that’s not knitted i.e. mesh trucker hats, polyester, wool or cotton caps and fitteds, it is recommend to do a gentle spot cleaning to remove any staining or specs. Using a lint roller to remove any dust build up resulting from storage is also recommended. 

Totes / Canvas Material
Only wash when necessary. When doing so, hand or machine wash cold, low spin cycle. Do not machine dry. Air dry only. If wrinkled, gently iron on low heat. Please note that too much heat can lead to burning the canvas. Do not iron *on print. 

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